on Microblogging

I find this concept of microblogging quite interesting, because frankly I had never thought about platforms such as Twitter to be included in the same category as ‘blogging’. I suppose I’m still in the traditional mindset of blogging where you have your own page and you publish one to two paragraph posts, as you wish! But it makes sense that tweeting  would be considered an act of blogging, because when you tweet, you’re still publishing and making a post, you’re just doing it using less words-hence the term ‘micro’. Okay, this totes makes sense now.

When I first started getting into Twitter (last year), I must admit I was a bit overwhelmed at the beginning. First off, the mere amount of tweets that show up on your feed is overwhelming enough; all from different people/organizations talking and sharing opinions on completely different topics. I felt like I was developing a mild stage of A.D.D just looking through my feed! And the fact that the number of tweets kept increasing in real time just added more anxiety to my disordered attention level. It was as if I was a dog and each tweet was a new squirrel— one after another—and of course I had to chase all of them (cuz that’s what dogs do, duh).

But I didn’t give up just yet on my squirrel dreams.  I realized I just had to allow myself enough time to get familiar with the Twitter forum and this whole concept of microblogging. Soon enough, I was following people and organizations that I was actually interested in hearing from, which kind of decreased the amount of anxiety-heated A.D.D. I was experiencing initially, because now I read through my feed-one tweet at a time- and stop at ones I was interested to read/learn more about.

But given the fact that I’m a multi-faceted person with great hair a vast array of interests, from fashion to business, it was still a little hard to jump from one 140-charactered tweet to the next because it wasn’t just jumping from one tweet to the next, it was jumping to a whole different category. One second, I was reading about the current state of the economy and what it means for future businesses, and the next I was learning how to do a sock bun. (Which by the way, I totally don’t understand, why would you want a sock in your bun….? That’s another topic, entirely). The point is that I don’t think I could ever read my Twitter feed without actually feeling my attention span decreasing. I wish there was an application that would categorize your tweets for you, then it would be much more relaxing to read through them. And if there already is, then I’m an idiot for not being aware of it.

In any case, I’m still getting used to the concept of microblogging, which I think is quite useful given that the world of social media is heading towards the direction of ‘micro’.

P.S. While getting used to this concept of microblogging, I’ve even managed to expand out of Twitter land in keeping my own fashion blog on the side, which I suppose is its own form of microblogging because it’s a mere collection of photographic images, sound bites, and tracks that I find fashionable 😉


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